We look at some of the most recent changes to the RLS and some of the myths surrounding the scheme. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision if the Recovery Loan Scheme is the best option for your business.  

The most recent changes to the Recovery Loan Scheme  

The third iteration of RLS runs from August 2022. The key changes included

  • A change in eligibility criteria means that most businesses will no longer have to confirm they have been affected by Covid-19. 
  • Businesses with turnover up to £45million are eligible for the scheme
  • Personal guarantees allowed for facilities of all sizes, in line with a lender’s usual practices. Family home cannot be taken as collateral.

The change in eligibility criteria opens the door for the recovery loan scheme for more businesses, but many businesses are still unsure of how the Recovery Loan Scheme can work for them.  Here are some of the common myths around the RLS. 

Myth: RLS is only available for unsecured lending 

Untrue. Secured loans are definitely available through RLS. Other facilities available elsewhere from other providers, including overdrafts, asset finance, and invoice finance.  

Myth: I can apply directly for the RLS?

Untrue. A businesses cannot apply directly for RLS. RLS is available by approaching RLS accredited lenders in the same way as you would for a commercial facility.

Myth: RLS cannot be used for property investment 

Untrue.  As long as 50% of the turnover comes from trading activity (of which property investment can be eligible), the new RLS is available for trading businesses and property investment, and can be for both refinance and purchase purposes.  

 Myth: Interest-only repayment terms are not available for RLS 

 Untrue. There are interest-only loan options available through RLS, usually subject to the business meeting the lenders lending criteria.  

How can I apply for the Recovery Loan Scheme  

Our first recommendation before applying for the would be to speak to a licensed credit broker and understand more about the scheme and any other financial options that may be available to your business. Once you have done this you will need the following information 

  • Management accounts 
  • Business plan 
  • Historic accounts 
  • Details of assets 
  • Details of previous subsidy awards 

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