Credit Brokering

Why waste time and money chasing finance which may not be a good fit for your businesses when you can fully focus on growing your bottom line?
Our knowledge of the marketplace ensures that we secure the right finance for you, right when you need it most.
We source loans from banks and peer-to-peer lenders, and always ensure the best possible finance fit to meet the requirements of our clients.
Our trusted approach in sourcing the most suitable lending helps our clients achieve sustainable growth, stability and profitability.

Cashflow Management

Poor Cash flow is the number one reason why businesses fail. If your cash flow is holding you back, then you need to talk to us as soon as possible.

We help you to understand your cash flow position and prepare projections. There are many funding options available to businesses in Northern Ireland to bring greater stability to your business cash flow. The government continue to support businesses build back better with the Recovery Loan Scheme

Business Plans

Good business planning goes hand in with growth and success.
Primarily, we prepare business plans, including financial projections for financial institutions and funding programmes, to support business growth. This will include robust testing of your plans to ensure greater chance of stability and profitability going forward. The better you understand the challenges facing your business, the better the quality your decisions are likely to be and the greater the chance of success for your business.    rolex replica        replicas breitling

Strategy and Financial Planning

Understanding exactly where you are and where you want to go is important before you map out a route to get there.
We help businesses just like yours establish clear strategies. We will challenge and enhance your existing strategies to help you achieve your goals. Improved strategies and finances will ensure you can reap more rewards both in your business and your personal life.